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In Outlook, click on File, then Add Account

Figure 1: Add Account in Outlook > Enter the account name, email address, password, confirm password.

Figure 2: Add Account Screen where user enters user name, email address, and password information.

Figure 3: Outlook locates account information automatically and connects to mail server.

Figure 4: Microsoft Message stating user must restart Outlook.

Credential Manager

If the user logs in to the campus-domain with an account other than the new – (mailto:– account, Outlook will prompt for password each login. To avoid logging in to Outlook each use, do the following:

Go to Windows Credential Manager
Control Panel – > User Accounts – > Credential Manager. Click on Add a Windows credential

Figure 5: Windows Credential Manager

For Internet or Network Address, enter
User name = ( email address
Password = email password

Figure 6: Windows Credential Manager – Add a Windows Credential

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