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This article applies only to BeachNet Guest access using Windows 7.

 1. Click on the wireless network icon on the right corner of your bottom task bar (picture below).

Image 1: Wireless network icon

2. In the Available Network Connections window that appears, click on beachnet-guest-access and Connect.

Image 2: Wireless Network Connection window

The window below will appear…

Image 3: Connecting to a network dialog window

After this is complete, a confirmation message will appear. 

3. Check to see that there is no star over the wireless network icon in your task bar. If there is no star, you are now connected to beachnet guess access. 

4. Open your browser (Note: May take longer than usual). The browser will launch the BeachNet Guest Access page.

 5. Enter your username and password here.

Image 4: Beachnet guess access page

6. After your username and password are validated, you will see the message below:


7. You are now connected to the internet.

For more information go to BeachNet Guest Access