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How to connect to the G2 Computer Lab Virtual Desktop. This service is only available to the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM) G2 Computer Lab students.

Contact: Tom Tran (



  • Document written using MS Windows 7 64-bit and VMware View Client for 64-bit Windows version 5.2.0
  • If there are questions regarding other operating systems and connection issues, please contact Tom Tran

    1. On your desktop, there should be a VMware View Client shortcut. If not, please search for CSULB IT Knowledgebase on How to install and configure VMware View 5 Client.

    Figure 1: VMware View Client Shortcut

    2. Verify the Connection Sever address is correct & Click Connect.

    Figure 2B: Connection Server Address

    Figure 2A: Connection Server

    4. Verify secured connection - see Figure 3, green arrow pointing to a closed padlock icon. 

    Communication is encrypted with a 2048 bit SSL certificate encryption.

    Figure 3: Verify Secured Connection

    5. Enter your BeachID credential.


    If CAMPUS-DOMAIN is not displayed, click on the upside down triangle and select CAMPUS-DOMAIN from the list.

    Figure 4: Log On Credential

    6. Notice the pool that has been assigned, G2 Computer Lab vDesktops - Figure 5A. In this case, there is one but it is possible to have many pools assigned.

    Click Connect.

    If you get a "You are not entitled to use ths system" - see Figure 5B, you do not have permission. "Unknown user name or bad password" means BeachID incorrectly entered.

    Figure 5B: You Are Not Entitled


    Figure 5A: Virtual Desktop Pool

    7. vDesktop - successful connection.