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Department calendars are available for each department for absence management, event scheduling, and other general purposes.
The best place to create and share a department calendar is from within the OWA. The OWA allows you to create and share a calendar, while the Outlook client only allows you to create. The instructions below require access to a department service account for which the shared calendar will be created.


  1. Login to your personal @csulb email account at
  2. Switch the department service account by clicking on your name at the top right corner of the screen to open the "Open Other Mailbox" option. Enter the full email address of the department service account for which you'll be creating the department calendar.
  3. Within the department service account (for example, COTA-Department as seen in the upper right hand corner), right click on "My Calendar" located in the left navigation pane and select "Create New Calendar" from the drop down list.

Figure 1: OWA calendar right click in navigation pane

4. Name the Calendar and press "Enter". The department calendar naming standard is = Department – Name of Calendar (for example, ITS Absence Calendar and Cota-Tech)

Figure 2: OWA calendar, name calendar

5. Click on "Share" and select "Share This Calendar…" from the drop down list.

Figure 3: Share drop down menu, choose share this calendar

6. In the "To" field, select with whom to share the calendar, and select what permissions they will have with the calendar.

Figure 4: Calendar sharing invitation