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Identifying e-mail rejection issues: Sender denied

In order to understand why an e-mail message is rejected, one simply needs to delve into the bounce message. Many users find e-mail error messages confusing or intimidating. With practice, anyone can competently figure out the meaning of an error.

Figure 1: Sample e-mail bounce message

In this example, Gmail user Goomail Student could not reach the campus address, because the recipient's e-mail system blocked the sender. The error inside the red box "Sender denied" indicates explicit blocking by message recipient.

The campus recipient Campus User needs to remove the sender's e-mail address or domain by updating his/her Blocked Senders list.

Open Blocked Senders List

With Outlook open and the Home tab on the Ribbon active, click on the Junk button (in the Delete group) and select Junk E-mail Options. Once the Junk E-mail Options window appears switch to the Blocked Senders tab.

Figure 2: Junk Email drop down menu

Remove a Blocked Sender

Find the sender's e-mail address or domain in the Blocked Senders list and click Remove to delete it, then click OK.

Figure 3: Blocked Senders dialog box


Once you have updated the Blocked Senders list, tell the message originator to send their message again.