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Figure 1: Faculty Experts Admin Chiclet (button) in SSO

  1. The FREE chiclet will automatically be assigned to faculty groups; however, some non-faculty employees are required to access the system for administrative purposes.  To assign a FREE chiclet in SSO for non-faculty employees, navigate to Forefront Identity Manager ( in Internet Explorer and login when prompted.

  2. Search for ORSP-SSO-FacExperts-Manual and click on the Display Name.

FIM Security Group sreen

Figure 2: FIM security group

3.  A new window will open. Click on Members.


Figure 3: FIM security group highlighting the members tab

4.  To add or remove members, enter their names or employee ID numbers in the respective text boxes next to the corresponding action. Click on the green checkmark to ensure the system successfully located the person who you want to add or remove.

  Click on OK to add or remove members.


Figure 4: FIM security group highlighting where to add and remove members

Once completed, those members who have been added will be assigned the FREE chiclet within 20 minutes. Those removed will have the FREE chiclet removed within the same timeframe.

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