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Note: this assumes you configure the BIOS on your computer to be able to PXE Boot.

  1. Configure computer you want to capture and sysprep it. To sysprep go to c:\Windows\System32\Sysprep and double-click sysprep. Exe Check mark Generalize and select Shutdown when done.

Figure 1:  System Cleanup Action dropdown

2.  Reboot machine and quickly click F12 until you see the menu below. Select capture or setup plus your OS type.

Figure 2:  Windows Boot Manager screen

3. Click Next

Figure 3:  Windows Deployment Services Image Capture screen

4. Give it a name

Figure 4:  Windows Deployment Services Image Capture – Directory to Capture screen

5. Type name of server and click Connect.

Figure 5:  Windows Deployment Services Image Capture – New Image Location screen

6. Type admin account and password (see format for user)

Figure 6:  Windows Security Password screen

7. Select the area you have permission to put the image to.

Figure 7:  New Image Location screen

8. Hold Shift+F10 and a command prompt will appear. Type net use h: {*}\\\dgs* (file:///\\\dgs) or whatever your area is cba, fn, etc.

Figure 8:  Administrator screen

9. Check mark Upload Image to WDS server and click browse and select H: drive and give it a name. The share that you are mapping is a temporary scratch disk that is used instead of using an external hardrive. If you prefer to continue using an external hardrive then do not use this shared resource. Files in this scratchdisk will be deleted every month as they are not needed because the server uploads a copy to the right location automatically. Click Next and wait.

Figure 9:  Windows Deployment Services Image Capture Wizard screen

10. Once completed, click Finish

Figure10:  Windows Deployment Services Image Capture Wizard screen

How to deploy an image

  1. Make sure you enable PXE in the computer BIOS first. Boot up a machine and hit F12 repeatedly until you see the following menu:

Figure 11: Windows Boot Manager screen

2. Select what you want to setup from the menu and press Enter. Click Next.

Figure 12: Windows Deployment Services screen

3. Enter Credentials

Figure 13: Windows Deployment password screen

4. Select from your image collection and click Next

Figure 14: Operating System selection screen

5. Click Next

Figure 15: Install Windows selection screen

6. Wait until it finishes and you are done.

Figure 16: Install Windows completion screen