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Junk Mail

Receiving Junk Mail

To Block a Sender, select the option Block Sender from the Junk menu button. Note: You cannot block a sender within the domain.

Figure 1: Junk mail drop down menu

If you accidentally block a sender, you can unblock by going to Junk > Junk Email Protection > Blocked Senders tab. Highlight the sender's email address and delete it

Figure 2: Junk Email Options

You can Control + mouse click any message and choose the Junk menu to see options for dealing with messages.

Figure 3: Control+Click Junk menu option

These same options can also be found on the Junk menu on the Home tab:

Figure 4: Junk drop down menu on Home tab.

Junk E-mail Options

The level of junk email protection is automatically set to Low. If you choose to increase it, be sure to check your junk folder often for items that shouldn't have been blocked.

Figure 5: Junk Email Options

Safe Senders Tab

Here you can specify domains that you do not want to be blocked using the safe domain tab.

Figure 6: Junk Email Options