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Step 1:  Log in to 

SSO Login Screen

figure 1: Image of the SSO login screen

Step 2:  Click on "Employee Center"

figure 2: Image of Employee Center link

Step 3:  Click on "Personal Information Home"

figure 3:  Image of Personal Information Home link
Step 4:  Click on "Names"

figure 4: Image of Names link

Step 5:  Click on Contact Us


figure 5:  Image of the Contact Us link


Step 6:  Select the option to Change Preferred Name and enter the appropriate information in the Comment/Question text box. Then click on the Submit Request button.

Please note that changing your preferred first and/or last names will result in a change to your University email address and will result in an update to your name as reflected in systems that utilize your preferred first and last name fields.  


figure 6:  Image of the Update Preferred Name screen.

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