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The Telecom Request Management (TRM) system is the CSULB web based application used to submit and manage telecommunication requests. CSULB staff and faculty may use the online Telecom Request Management system to:

  • Request new or modify existing online directory listings
  • Create telecom work order requests (i.e., new line, transfer line, etc.)

Logging In

To access the TRM, logon to and click "Telecom Request" or access it directly at
Enter your BeachID username and password and click "Login".

Image 1: TRM login box

Telecom Request System Dashboard

Upon login, the Dashboard displays. As you browse away from the dashboard, you can return at any time by clicking the "Dashboard" link which appears at the top of every page.

Image 2: TRM Dashboard

Directory Requests

The "Directory Requests" section displays links to:

  1. List currently open directory requests
  2. Show a history of requests
  3. View and change your own CSULB online directory information
  4. Change your department location
  5. Create a new directory listing
  6. Remove an existing directory listing

Note that the dashboard "Directory Requests" features are also available on the toolbar from the "Directory" menu:

Image 3: Dashboard

List Current Requests

The "List Current Requests" link will display all open requests that have been submitted but are pending completion.

Image 4: Current Requests

Show Request History

The "Show Request History" will display all past, completed requests in a list format.

Change Current Information

Easily request changes to your own current online directory information by clicking the "Change" link next to the item you wish to modify.


Change the department associated with a person.

Create new entry

Submit a new directory listing.

Remove Existing Entry

Delete an existing directory listing.

Work Orders

Make New Request

To make a new work order request, gather all the necessary information. From the Dashboard, under "Work Order Requests", click Make New Request > Start a Request. Note that every field is required unless noted as optional.
Step 1: Basic Information
Step 2: Advanced Information
Step 3: Options (less common)
Step 4: Billing Information
Click the "Submit Request" button. You will receive a confirmation email upon submittal.

List Current Requests

Click the "List Current Requests" link to view al listing of all open requests and their statuses.

Image 5: Current Work Orders

Show Request History

Click the "Show Request History" to display all closed work order previously completed.

Image 6: Open Work Orders

Approval Process

Directory requests and work orders must be approved by your department ASM. Those submitting a request will receive an email at three points along the approval process (ASM's are cc'd):

  1. Upon submitting
  2. Upon approval/denial
  3. Once the request is in process


For help with the TRM: