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Login to your CSULB student email account.

Figure 1: Login screen.

Click Contacts in the Navigation Pane.

Figure 2: Contacts button.


  • Single click the first contact in your list.
  • Scroll down to last contact listed, hold your shift button down and click last contact to highlight and select all.
  • Right click on selected contacts; select "Forward as Attachment".

Figure 3: Forward as attachment option.

If you get following error, click Yes. If not, proceed.

Figure 4: Pop up error.


  • Send email to your employee email address. Close OWA and open Outlook client.
  • Go to the email you sent yourself, right-click on one of the contact attachments, select "Save All Attachments".

Figure 5: Save all attachments option.

Click OK.

Figure 6: Save all attachments dialog window.


  • Create a folder named "Student Contacts" on your local drive and click OK > OK.
  • From Windows Explorer, open the folder "Student Contacts" you just created. Key Ctrl+A to select all contacts.
  • From your Outlook client, click the "Contacts" button on the navigation pane. Drag and drop the selected Contacts onto the Outlook Contacts folder next to your employee email address.

Figure 7: Contacts folder in Outlook client.