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This article describes how to update your preferred e-mail address in MyCSULB. Your preferred e-mail is the address to which CSULB sends official correspondence. It is also used by campus mailing lists for announcements, such as, Inside CSULB and campus construction updates.

Step 1 - Sign-in to the MyCSULB portal using your campus BeachID and password:

Step 2 - Click Employee Center from the menu:

Step 3 – Click Personal Information Home:

Step 4 – Click Email Addresses under Contact Information:

Step 5 – Select your preferred e-mail address

If your preferred address is not already added to MyCSULB, click the Add an Email Address button, select the address type, and type an e-mail address value. Place a check mark next to the address you want the university to use as your Preferred address. Click the Save button to submit your changes. Please allow up to 24 hours for changes to take effect.