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Using tasks is a great way to manage the things you have to do.

To open the Tasks folder, click the Tasks button in the Navigation Pane (or Command + 4 shortcut). Note that any tasks shown in red are overdue.

Figure 1: Shortcut Bar, Tasks

Understanding the Home Tab

The Home tab is the central place for basic task commands:

Figure 2: Home tab

Let's look at its options:




Creates a new task item


Starts a new Email Message or a new items selected from the drop down

Mark Completed

This function will take a current open Task and mark it as being completed


Will delete the currently selected Task


Allows you to set a category for the selected task

Follow Up

Flags the task for follow up based on specified criteria

High-Low Priority

Sets the priority level in the Task


Sorts tasks based on Date/Start Date/Competition Date…etc.


Displays tasks with these criteria set

Creating a New Task

To create a new task from scratch, click the Task button or use the shortcut Command + N.

Figure 3: New Task button

You will now be presented with a Ne task. Fill out all data you wish to include and Hit Save & Close.

Figure 4: New Task dialog

This is much like the New Appointment window. Type a subject, set a start date and a due date, add a reminder if you wish, and add notes. Then, click Save and Close.

Editing a Task

Like other Outlook items, you can double-click a task to open and edit it.

Figure 5: Fill in task information

Note the Check Box to mark the Task completed.

Figure 6: Marking a task completed

You can also Control + Click on a task to see editing options, or use the Home tab to edit tasks.

Figure 7: Control click menu

Customizing Tasks Views

There are many different ways that you can view your tasks. The Home tab offers these options:

Figure 8: Home tab
You can also use the Organize tab to customize your view:

Figure 9: Task view options
Arrange By being the most customizable option offering several Task filtering options:

Figure 10: Arrange by drop down
The options available on the Organize tab include:




Show Tasks associated within certain categories

Arrange By

Arrange your tasks by: Account, Category, Completed Status, Date Completed, Date Modified, Due Date, etc…

Reading Pane

Changes the orientation of the Reading Pane – Top, Bottom-Off


Allows you to filter Tasks based on these criteria