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Attaching an Item to a Task

To attach a file or an Outlook item to a task, start a new Task or Open an existing Task. Go to Insert > Attach File - Outlook Item
Figure 1: New Task dialog

This will place a file and/or an Outlook item with the associated task.

Attach File:

When you click the Attach File button you are presented with a screen to select the file you want. Choose the file and click Insert.

Figure 2: Insert file

Attach Outlook Item:

When you choose to attach an Outlook item you are given a display of your mailbox. You may choose to attach any items from within your mailbox to a Task.

Figure 3: Insert item from Mailbox

Once you have selected the item you wish to attach simply click OK.

Assigning a Task

To assign a task fill out the Task information, then click the Assign Task button.

Figure 4: Assign task options

Click the Assign task button. The Task window changes into a window that looks similar to a mail message.
Click the To button to pull up the Global Address List and choose the user you wish to assign the task to. Click Send and the Task will be sent to the user's mailbox.

Figure 5: Completed Task, hit send or save and close