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eduroam is a global wireless roaming service, which provides secure network access for users in higher education and research institutions.  Membership is growing worldwide and participating institutions can be found in over 65 countries. For more information about eduroam, visit

CSULB's participation in eduroam enables its students, faculty and staff free access to secure wireless connectivity when visiting other participating institutions by using their CSULB BeachID account.

Note:  This is primarily a service of CSULB guests visiting from other institutions or CSULB users that may frequently visit other eduroam participating institutions.  You should continue to use Beachnet+ as your primary wireless network connection while on campus.

Connecting to eduroam

The first time you connect to the eduroam wireless network, you will need to configure your device. After the initial configuration, the network will allow you to connect wherever it is supported.

  1. When you are visiting a participating institution, select eduroam from the available wireless networks on your device.
  2. To log in, enter your full CSULB email address as your user name (e.g.,, and your BeachID password.
  3. If prompted, accept the eduroam certificate.

Additional Configuration Instructions for Connecting Devices 

Use these instructions if the instructions above do not successfully connect your device.


If you need assistance with setting up your device to use eduroam, call the Technology Help Desk at 562-985-4959.  Staff and Faculty may contact their college or department IT coordinator.

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