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1 - Communication Summary Reports are geared to managers at an executive level or in a fiscal capacity.

  • a) These reports are sorted at the division, college/area, main department, department ID, and fund levels.
  • b) These reports will be distributed electronically via CSLink on a monthly basis to "cost center owners" which includes managers or staff members responsible for monitoring expense.
  • c) These report names used to end in 001 through 005, but now end 01 through 05.
  • d) The RSUM05 also contains work order charges and the separate work order report has been discontinued.

2 - User Expense Summary Report provides greater detail than the communication summary reports.

  • a) Contains the following charge types: equipment, line access, mobile, work order, local calls, toll calls, and personal reimbursement. Sorted by DeptID and Fund, and then by last name.
  • b) Contains monetary amounts without quantities (eg: call durations).
  • c) Contains line access credit to match feed to General Ledger.

3 - User Expense Summary File provides expense summary data in comma-separated values (CSV) format.

  • a) Data is the same as the corresponding management report (LBTLRUES01).
  • b) Dept ID and Tree Node (cost centers) are on every line to facilitate electronic distribution.
  • c) Contains the following charge types: equipment, line access, mobile, work order, local calls, toll calls, and personal reimbursement for import into Excel or Access for year to date trending or other specific processes.
  • d) Contains monetary amounts without quantities (eg: call durations).
  • e) Reflects general fund line access credit when it is applicable.

4 - User Detail Statement itemizes outbound calls from campus telephone system with a charge of $.01 or more.

  • a) LBTLRUDS01 detail report published to CSLink contains all extensions assigned to chart fields.
  • b) LBTLRDUS02 detail report distributed through mail only for telecom records containing a campus ID.
  • c) Does not include recurring monthly charges, work order charges, or mobile service charges.
  • d) Reflects any personal reimbursement made (per SAM rules).
  • e) Does not reflect extension to extension or inbound calls.
  • f) Reflects all calls from a mobile telephone owned by the University.

5 - Annual Directory & Database Update Report distributed twice during the fall semester

  • a) Listings of all published and non-published numbers on and off-campus.
  • b) Posted to CSLink in early September and mid-November for retrieval and updating.
  • c) Maintains accuracy of directory lookup, extensions in Outlook, and other databases such as 911 system.
  • d) Contains no cost information, but can help to understand where charges may be incurred.
  • e) Can be edited in Adobe Acrobat Pro and emailed back to Telecommunications.

6 - Cost Center Owner Update (Only for reporting - not for approving expenditures)

  • a) Posted to CSLink on the 20th of the month for retrieval and updating.
  • b) "Owners" may be responsible for expenses at the Dept ID level or for a tree node such as main department, college/area, or division.
  • c) Any Cost Center Owner may request a change and it will be accepted as long as it was copied to the appropriate ASM.
  • d) Changes can only be made in advance of a billing cycle and must be received by the 28th of each month.