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Creating a Shared Mailbox

  1. To start, begin by adding your account to Outlook if your account is not already there by opening Outlook-> Tools and select Accounts from the drop menu. 
  2. In the windows that appears, provide the correct information related to your email (Exchange or Other)

    We will look at an example using the Exchange Account.
  3. After providing your information, click Advanced... and select Delegates
  4. We will look at the section People I am a delegate for: by selecting the + , we are able to add new users which allows us to become delegates for the selected or added users.

    Click OK after adding the users you are allowed to delegate
  5. After adding these users, you will see that the mailbox has changed slightly. There is now a shared mailbox that consists of a drop menu. This will be looked at in the next step.
  6. After the new user is added, we can create a message and have the option of sending the message as the person you are allowed to be a delegate for. The following image shows the feature. 
  7. To write a message as the delegate, start with a new message, select From and choose the appropriate user. From here, continue the message as you would with an email message and click Send

Removing Users from a Shared Mailbox:

  1. If you would like to remove users, select Tools -> Accounts. From here select the mailbox you wish to modify and click Advanced.
  2. Select the Delegates tab and proceed to select users and click the - sign. With this simple click, the user will no longer appear in the delegates.