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Prepare by making sure the computer was freshly booted before attempting to run this tool as a local administrator. Windows XP (SP3) through Windows 10 are supported by this tool. If you believe the computer is blacklisted, please contact with the MAC Address of the wireless network interface.

Accessing the QuickConnect Tool

Steps include:

  • In device WiFi settings, connect to the “beachnet-guest-access” network.
  • Open a browser, which will then display the campus guest login page, as shown below.
  • Click on the blue QuickConnect link as shown below.

Figure 1: beachnet guest access portal page

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Aruba QuickConnect tool CSULB-beachnetplus.exe ) for Windows.
  2. Run the tool with local Administrator rights and allow it to execute.
  3. Click Next.

    Figure 2: Aruba QuickConnect wizard

  4. Enter a valid campusID (9-digits)/BeachID password and click Next.

    Figure 2: Aruba QuickConnect wizard continued

  5. The program will auto-configure your system with the beachnet+ profile. Click Connect.

    Figure 3: Aruba QuickConnect wizard continued
  6. The computer will now attempt to connect and authenticate to the beachnet+ WiFi network.

    Figure 4: Aruba QuickConnect wizard continued

  7. A successful connection will reveal the computer's IP Address. Click Close.