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Select the wifi icon in the top right and then select “Open Network Preferences…”

IMAGE 1:  WiFi - Open Network Preferences box

Select the Wi-Fi tab and then click on the “Advanced…” button on the lower right hand side.

IMAGE 2:  Network Preferences box

Select “beachnet+” from the window within the Wi-Fi tab window and click the “-“ button below the window. After removing the network, click the OK button on the bottom right.

IMAGE 3:  Network Preferences-Advanced box to remove network

Then click the “Apply” button on the bottom right and you can then close the window.

IMAGE 4:  Network Preferences box

Go back to the Wifi symbol on the top right of the screen and select “Beachnet+” from the list of available networks.

IMAGE 5:  Click WiFi icon for list of available networks

When prompted for credentials, enter your campus ID# in the Username field and your BeachID password in the Password field. Click on the “Join” button on the bottom right.

IMAGE 6:  Authentication box

Lastly, verify you are connected to beachnet+ (When selecting the wifi icon beachnet+ should have a check mark next to it).

IMAGE 7:  Available networks box to verify connection