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At the bottom right of the screen, click on the Wifi icon.

IMAGE 1:  Windows desktop pointing at the Wifi icon

Once Wifi dock opens, click on the “Network Settings” link.

IMAGE 2:  Wifi doc listing available networks and Network Settings

In Network Settings, Go to the “Wi-Fi” Tab and then click on the “Manage Known Networks” link.

IMAGE 3:  Network Settings box

In Manage Known Networks select “Beachnet+” by clicking on it and then click the “Forget” button. (If Beachnet-guest-access is also located in your known networks, "Forget" that network as well.)

IMAGE 4:  Manage known networks box

Once removed/forgotten, return to the Wi-Fi Dock, select “beachnet+”, be sure “Connect Automatically” is checked then click the “Connect” button.

IMAGE 5:  Wifi Dock

Input your Campus ID and BeachID password and click the “OK” button.

IMAGE 6:  Network Authentication box

Click the “Connect” button to complete the connection to Beachnet+ and verify connection once connected.

IMAGE 7:  Confirmation of Connection box

IMAGE 8:  Wifi dock confirming connection