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Security Warning: your ftp account / Personal Web Space will include a folder titled "HTDOCS". Never upload Documents or files containing any university, employee or student confidential information in your HTDOCS folder. Anything you place in the HTDOCS folder can be viewed by anyone visiting your website!

If you ever need assistance with creating your account or uploading files, please contact the Technology Help Desk via this webform or by phone at 562-985-4959.

Downloading FileZilla

  1. Use your Internet Browser to Download the FileZilla Client for your desired Operating System. 

Figure 1: FileZilla download

     2.  Open the download to start your install of FileZilla.

Figure 2: FileZilla installer

     3.  Select I agree to the License Terms for FileZilla

Figure 3: licensing terms and agreement

     4. If you do not wish to install or make changes for the optional offer select No, thanks and select Next

Figure 4: optional offer

     5.  After the installation Completes select Done

Figure 5: successful installation confirmation screen

Connecting to the CSULB FTP Server

  1. Open FileZilla and enter in the following information in the top line:

Host: s
Username: Campus ID Number (ex. 012345678)
Password: Beach ID Password
Port: 22

     2. Click Quickconnect and verify connection. Folders will now appear on the right hand section and you will be able to view files in your ftp account.

Figure 6: using the FTP client to connect securely

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