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A call processing application can be a simple one-touch menu or an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) application with database integration. It offers the capability of performing menuing and announcing static information through recorded announcements to callers. A well-designed menu of this type can often reduce the need for larger numbers of agents to respond to caller inquiries.

The application can be planned to accommodate the following characteristics:

•             providing callers with routine information requested on a repeating daily basis

•             directing callers to the most appropriate group or individual for assistance

•             scripted greetings for requesting specific information

•             main and secondary mailboxes for messages

•             connection to a live agent at the caller's option

•             IVR capability

•             reconfiguration of extension numbers on digital and analog sets may be required

Standard call processing applications will usually offer 4 to 6 choices at any one time to the caller; however some departments designing larger applications will choose to offer 8 choices during the same announcement.

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