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There is a known issue with Microsoft Outlook where mailboxes receive synchronization error logs in the "Unread Email" folder. These are background process messages and users do not need to be concerned about the messages. This article provides a workaround to keep these error messages out of the "Unread Mail" folder.


  1. Locate "Search Folders" in your left navigation pane and expand to display the subfolders.

Figure 1: left navigation pane within Outlook email

2. Click on the "Unread Mail" folder and choose "Customize This Search Folder."

Figure 2: image of drop down list after selecting Unread Mail and selecting Customize This Search Folder

3. Click on Browse.

Figure 3: Custom Search Folder dialog box

4. Unselect the checkbox for "Search subfolders"

Figure 4: Select Folders dialog box

5. Select all folders you would like to see Unread mail from.

Figure 5: Select Folders dialog box showing folders that are selected

6. Press OK and OK again.

Figure 6: Custom Search Folder dialog box