Time and Attendance reporting is migrating from the legacy paper timesheet to online submission of vacation, sick days and other absences. This article provides an overview of the online Time and Attendance system and related processes.  This process and related articles only apply to state employees.  Employees of the Forty Niner Shops, Foundation, or Associated Students Inc / University Student Union will continue to process their timesheets according to their respective HR practices. 

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Process Overview

Each month, state employees will access the Time Entry system to enter their time for absences such as vacation or sick time by following the high level steps identified below and in greater detail in the Employee Guide.  Even if no absences occurred in the month, the state employee must access the Time Entry system and designate that no time was taken during the month.  It's important to note that this system does not replace current departmental practices for requesting absences or time off.

Each department has a designated reviewer, known as a Timekeeper. In addition, each employee has a designated approver, generally a manager, who is responsible for certifying their absences. The Manager, Timekeeper, or Payroll can enter time on behalf of an employee if necessary. The system generates an email notification to the employee whenever time is entered on their behalf. An example of this and all other email notifications can be found on this link: Time and Attendance Email Notifications.

For a detailed explanation of Roles and Responsibilities for each role, please visit this article: Roles and Responsibilities.

Time Entry Overview

The following steps must be completed by all employees each month.  Even if no time was taken during the month, the employee must designate "No Time Taken."  Employees who have not entered time before X days prior to payroll cutoff will receive an email reminder to enter time.  Reminder emails will be sent every X days until the payroll cutoff date.  Employees will receive a confirmation email once their time is approved by a manager.  

Time Approval Overview

The Time Approval link will only appear in SSO for designated employees, typically managers, who approve employee time.  Only those identified to approve time will see the "Time Approval" link in SSO.  A more detailed guide on how and when to approve time can be found in the Managers Guide.   Similar to time entry email reminders, managers who have not approved time will receive an email X days prior to payroll cutoff.  They will also receive reminder emails every X days until the payroll cutoff date.

Processing Status Definitions

Several statuses are used to indicate the status of time in the overall Time and Attendance process. The following statuses are applicable: Submitted: Indicates time was entered by an employee.

ReviewedIndicates time was entered or reviewed by a Timekeeper.
ApprovedIndicates time was entered or approved by a Manager. (Time entered by Payroll using Absence Event will also reflect a status of “Approved”).
In ProcessIndicates the initial Time and Attendance process was run.
FinalizedIndicates the final Time and Attandance process was run. (Changes to time entered in this status will require an adjustment by Payroll.)
Needs CorrectionIndicates absences to be corrected. An e-mail notification will be sent to the individual that entered the absences.
ResolvedIndicates when Payroll has processed (resolved) a prior period entry entered in Absence Management via the Manage Prior Period Entries Page.


Comments are required when additional information is necessary to process certain absences submitted, e.g., Sick Leave – Family. Comments can also be used by the Employee, Timekeeper, and/or Manager to facilitate the exchange of information about the absences submitted. Comments are included in the e-mail notification that is sent when time is marked as “Needs Correction.” Comments are audited by Payroll.

The following Absences require comments regarding the relationship to the employee:

Exceptions to the use of Absence Management

Don't use Absence Management in the following circumstances: